5: Our Project – ‘Just Another Zine’

ZINE Contributors:

Emilia (Articles), Fei (Cover, Back and Introduction), Noel (Advertising), Marzena (Editorial Spread Story, as pictured above), Frida (Shopping Column/ advice).

LINK to FULL ZINE ‘Just Another Zine’: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13UMHeT3bQyoabwMSR3C8RTxQYW2baL2C/view?usp=sharing

The project me and my family have created is ‘Just Another Zine’. It exists as a digital zine online. It has thought-provoking content critically addressing ethical issues within contemporary western society. Each member of the family has taken on different parts of the zine that most relates to their area of study. I have designed the ‘Just Feed Me’ editorial story that gives a nudge towards mass consumer media and how we as the human population are brainwashed, exploited and fed unnecessary products that we don’t need. It explores how it affects our bodies and the space around us negatively. The themes that have inspired me are mass consumerism, food waste and pollution both in the air and water. It relates to our theme of what role can fashion communication play in how we interconnect and care for ourselves and the planet. As a group, we have set out to achieve a piece of collaborative work that would be controversial and attention-grabbing to educate, intrigue but also help to change people’s consuming habits for the better by introducing more sustainable brands to explore and provocative imagery to make people think.

Whilst designing the editorial spread for the zine I was split between different problems we and the planet face, as I feel strongly about many of them that are present, it was difficult as I could only delve into one. It was also challenging to organise each individuals’ contents for the zine early on in the project, we have chosen ‘communication and society’ which was the last week of the unit. Thus, time management could have been improved by incorporating earlier week’s material into our zine and altering it in the last week. To manage the time and attendance issue, we relied heavily on our WhatsApp group chat which we updated every day to be up to date. In the project, I took a slight leadership role, but I did not have to as everyone had their roles and luckily stuck to them. If we needed content from our group member we messaged/called them with urgency. Communication was great overall, we have also promised and signed, to be honest, and open with our communication prior to starting and we have kept that going.

In conclusion, the zine turned out to be successful, we have all managed to communicate our message well in many forms of fashion communication. However, we did not predict how each of our works complimented each page in the zine, personally, I think the cover is slightly plain in colour compared to its contents, but the concept behind our eyes as we ‘see’ those issues is innovative. Next time, I would add a strong colour or image that would spark a controversial interest as that is what the zine Is about. The contents complement each other well and are encouraging the viewer in becoming a more conscious and sustainable consumer both through created content and advertising which is quite vulgar yet playful.

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